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how a real estate transaction works

The importance of title insurance. Things you need to know.

Download our handy moving guide and checklist, to help you with the moving process.

Central Florida property appraiser websites and e-file for homestead exemptions.

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how a real estate transaction works
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School Finder

All of the real estate terms that you need to know.

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title insurance rate card

Information for the DIY-er.

Find local crime rates statistics by city.

it pays to work with a realtor

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title insurance frequently asked questions
Relocation Guide
selling a home during divorce

Rate card

When you need to navigate both at the same time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

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title insurance
real estate dictionary

Instant Estimates. Easier Than Ever. From Title Quotes, to Seller Net Sheets and Buyer Estimates.

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Crime statistics


sexual predators FDLE

Answers to the most commonly asked title questions.

moving guide moving checklist

If you are planning to relocate to Central Florida, this is a great resource to help prepare you. 

We know the importance of finding a home in a neighborhood with good schools, this school locator can help you find your perfect fit.


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title insurance

The 1st step in getting yourself in financial shape to buy a home is to know exactly how much money comes in and how much goes out.

for sale by owner

buying a house final walkthrough

Download and print our rate card. 

moving guide & checklist

Knowing what red flags to look out for is just the first step when it comes to protecting yourself from real estate wire transfer fraud.

wire fraud checklist

central florida homestead exemption
home closing process explained

school finder

Valuable insight from Rocket Homes

Florida Department of Law Enforcement neighborhood search.

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neighborhood crime statistics central florida

first time home buyers

real estate dictionary

homestead exemption

first time home buyers

selling a home during a divorce

the home closing process- explained